IT-Nearshoring Cost Calculator

Welcome to our IT-Nearshoring Cost Calculator!

Our free tool allows you to quickly and easily calculate and compare the estimated costs for outsourcing your IT projects abroad. Our cost calculator is based on current data on average salaries of IT specialists, such as software developers, and is updated regularly. With our cost calculator, you can determine the savings compared to in-house positions and make informed decisions for your company. We provide a simple and user-friendly interface for entering your project requirements and receiving an immediate result. Use our tool to optimize your IT expenses and become more competitive. Try it out now!

  Please note that the editable salary data refers to the in-house costs. The result comparing the nearshoring costs to the in-house costs will be displayed in the bottom section of this webpage.

  For a complete cost analysis, not only the salary costs should be compared, but also all other personnel costs such as office space, workplace, administrative costs, taxes, pensions, social benefits, and much more. These costs are typically between 1.25 and 2 times higher than the salary. We use an average factor of 1.35 for our total cost calculation or 0.35 for the additional costs per year. This value has proven to be effective in practice.

Please note that the calculated values are only a rough estimate and non-binding. The actual costs may vary depending on the requirements and the country in which the team is set up.

  We support you in building your team and provide the optimal solution for you. Contact us if you are also interested in our IT Nearshoring services.

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